A Republic Requires Participation By An Educated, Involved Electorate
Educate. Equip. Empower. Engage


"Advocates For Sustainable Government by the People"

TURN is an educational non-profit corporation serving Western Pennsylvania.

TURN's focus is:
 (1) Educating and training individuals to become involved in and interacting with their government, on all levels.
 (2) Sustainable Government
 (3) Educating the public through candidate forums, training seminars, town hall meetings and newsletters

Current Issues (State)
                                       When is our legislature going to address:

  1.                                 The Commonwealth's plummeting credit rating?
                                         Really address the state pension crisis?

                                               Tackle true corrections reform?

                            Make Pennsylvania a tax friendly state to business?


                 It is time for the house and senate to do something with their majority!


           PA Contact Information
    Governor  Tom Wolf
    PA Senate President Pro-Tempore
    District 25 Senator Joe Scarnati 
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    Saving The American Dream 
    Tour, Indiana 
    John Wright  & Julie Anderson

    Four Alarms Presentation
    Smith Complex
    Nate Benefield 
    Commonwealth Foundation